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When you feel weary...

That word pretty much embodies my state of being at the moment. I'm more than just tired. It's to the point where it just sucks the energy right out of you. You begin to imagine just laying in bed all day and not worrying about the problems.

The problems. I feel like I should give them a name -- at this point they could be alphabetical and categorized like tropical storms. Problem Aaron, category 5 -- financial mess after 2 months of unexpected unemployment. It leaves a pretty massive trail through our lives as it completely demolishes any good credit we had, totals our tiny savings, and efficiently dismantles any plans we had made for the year. The size of a problem that takes years to rebuild from the aftermath.


Breathe in.

And what makes these storms worse are when you look around for the "helpers", the ones that usually come to aid when there's a tragedy, and there's really none. You're surrounded by people, but left wonder…

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